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Thank you for your interest in our house cleaning services!

Isn’t it the best feeling to enter your home when you’re confident it’s ‘luxury’ clean from top to bottom? With C4 Maid Service, you can take comfort that every inch of your home has been professionally cleaned to the highest standards, all using eco-friendly cleaning products. If you want to schedule your upcoming cleanings with us, please fill the form and we’ll get in touch back in the next 48 hours. Please make sure to fill your email address and phone number, and explain exactly what you need from our cleaning service.
Can't wait to get your house clean?
Give us a call to contact one of our sales professional. This person will ask you to explain exactly what you need from a cleaning service. This chat will only take a few minutes and knowing these details will help us craft the perfect cleaning plan for your home and book your cleaning in shorter period of time.