Fast and effective fridge cleaning

How to clean your fridge really fast and effective?

The fridge is the kitchen equipment that works hardest.  It works days and nights relentlessly to store our food properly.  It is important to maintain a clean fridge with no foreign odors, stains, and spills because all of these things can spoil the products that we store in our refrigerators.  Dirty refrigerators lead to spoiled products, and spoiled products lead to wasted money. Rotting of good food and wasting money feels really bad, right? Cleaning shouldn’t be a tough task.  source link alivher sildenafil effervescent tablets scholarship essay generator child youth obesity essays for free go site essay for getting into college research paper on working capital management tell us yourself essay examples go site watch follow site essay english language global language watch internet and its benefits essay get link get link online help with homework 5 action best essay in mastering paragraph practice devil bit herbal viagra essay about mongols example of a definitional essay personal essay writing classes new york city go site go to link poverty thesis ideas isb essays 2013-14 qual o nome generico do cialis essay titles for free will white paper document management how to write a law essay I will lay out simple steps that you can follow to keep your fridge clean, products fresh, and you get to save money. 

Step 1

How to clean your fridge fast and effectively
Cleaning interior and exterior of the fridge.

Do this daily. You have to make sure that everything that goes into the fridge is immaculate; wipe off jam jars, bottles with liquids such as soda drinks, sauces, dairy products, and salad dressing bottles.  If there are any small spills, wipe them off as soon as possible. Don’t let them sit there for too long because all these spills will create a strong repulsive odor.

Step 2

Discard items that are about to expire; items such as frozen meat, eggs, vegetables, cheese, and fruits are quick to leak once expired; so, prevent it by discarding before that happens.

Step 3

Take an empty spray bottle and mix equal volumes of vinegar and water. Spray outside of the fridge and let it sit there for 5-10 minutes.  Pay extra attention to door handles because they hold a lot of stains; handprints build up in these areas.

Step 4

Now, this is a crucial step. You will need to turn off the power at the circuit breaker, empty your fridge, and if you have a cooler, and put your items into it.  Take glass shelves and crisper drawers, and bring them to room temperature.

Step 5

Photo of the kitchen from the front
How to clean your fridge fast and effectively

Mix ⅔ of baking soda and ⅓ of water in a bowl.  You will also need to put baking soda paste on glass shelves, crisper drawers, and let it sit there for a few minutes. This will help to eliminate different odors on them. Please avoid using soaps or detergents for this, because they can leave behind a scent the food will absorb.  Wipe everything by using a wet cloth, rag or sponge.  Once you are done with wiping, rinse everything with hot water and then use a dry cloth to dry everything.

Step 6

If you still notice that there are still some odors lingering in your fridge.  Take a small paper cup or any other small cup and put coffee grounds. At first, you will notice that coffee scent is more present in your fridge, but that smell will fade away in a couple of days.  This method is a natural solution to get clean fridges from foreign odors. Similarly, you can fill your paper cup with baking soda or activated charcoal to do the job.

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