Keep Your Home Pet Hair Free

If you have a pet, no doubt you’ve experienced the frustration of fur taking over your home. Pet hair clings to carpets, furniture, and fabrics, and somehow ends up floating around the floor and accumulating dust and dirt all over your home. So how do you avoid it, and what steps can you take to keep your home pet hair free? Read on to find out!

Groom your furry friends

Grooming your pet regularly helps to reduce the problem of unruly hair. Give your companion a quick brush a few times a week to catch any loose hairs and prevent fur balls from ruling your house.

Invest in doormats

A doormat will help to catch some of your pet’s hairs and dirt from their paws when they enter the house, which will keep your home cleaner for longer!

Create pet-free zones

Minimize the pet-friendly areas of your home to reduce the clean-up operation. Keep pets out of the bedroom and off the furniture, so it’s one less thing to keep hair-free.

Vacuum regularly

Vacuum every day or every other day to keep your home pet hair free. Especially during summer, pets shed much more, so vacuuming regularly will help to keep the fur situation under control.

Allocate your pet its own area(s)

By creating zones for your pet to sleep, eat, and chill, you can keep the pet hair under control and limit the hairs to select areas of your home.

Use lint rollers

The last thing you want is for your clothes to be completely covered in fur, too. Keep a lint roller by the front door and in your bedroom so you can catch any bits of pet hair that have made their way onto your clothes!

Hire a home cleaner

If you’re fed up of constantly cleaning up after your pet, why not hire a cleaner to do the job for you? Professional cleaners are equipped with all the right tools to keep your home pet hair free, to reduce your workload, and make your home a happy and furless place to be! Give us a call!

About the author: Alison Wheatley